About Us

I started IBOS Fashions because I wanted to express the rich history and culture of those of African descent. As a Nigerian American, of the Igbo Nation, IBOS Fashions was my way of expressing the Igbo heritage. Growing up, I often found it difficult to find a black owned clothing line that represents us. I created IBOS Fashions to fill that void. 

At IBOS Fashions, we're shining a light on the people of African descent. The IBOS market place is a premier online destination to find unique one of a kind afrocentric inspired pieces the industry has to offer. 

IBOS Fashions is not just an online store we are a community, we are a movement, we are fashion.. Gods worldwide who not only seek to support ethically manufactured and produced pieces, but look to make a statement. We are all about making bold statements in bold print. IBOS, inspired by the Igbo people of Nigeria. 

                                                                                       - RaUn Seti Anumene

                                                                                         Founder of IBOS Fashions